A Damn Dirty Night

This is shaping up to be one awesome short. The first three days of 10 scheduled are wrapped up. Got the pleasure of working with some really talented people. Directed By Erik McClintock, its the story of a one dirty night with a drug deal gone wrong and somebody seeking revenge for some stolen goods. 

The style is all black and white with a noir feeling to it. The producers and directors have given me some great creative control when it comes to the shooting style which has allowed me to get some cool angles. We are shooting this on my Epic and my Zeiss primes. Also really get to play with my Tokina 11-16 which I love shooting drug scenes on. The wide angle look does so much for a scene to really give it that surreal look. Also getting heavy use out of my Zeiss 25mm 2.8 which I'm really starting to fall in love with. So far its looking really good.

With actors such as Luke Shuck, Conner Marx, and Rich morris, this is truly a mesmerizing piece. Cant wait to shoot the rest. If you want more info go to facebook and check out their facebook page. and like my facebook to catch updates of screen shots and more.

Check https://www.facebook.com/ADamnDirtyNight?fref=t to view the facebook page for A.D.D.N.